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Hamilton Plumbers

Hamilton Plumbers are registered Master Plumbers, and offer professional services in all aspects of the plumbing trade. When looking for quality, professional service, whether it is to repair existing items around the home, or install new fittings and fixtures, then Hamilton Plumbers have the right people for the task.  Hamilton Plumbers handle residential plumbing, Industrial and commercial fitouts for offices,  schools,  sports clubs etc, and we also do boat and Automotive fitouts (buses, campervans,  caravans etc).
Hamilton Plumbers Industrial and Commercial work

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Hamilton Plumbers are experienced professionals who can capably handle any sized job you choose to throw at them. Proven in the field, we can recommend the best ways to go about your job to best service your requirements. New plumbing work for builders and other contractors can be scheduled in at a suitable time during the construction process to streamline the whole process, enabling others to work around us and not be held up for any reason. Always make sure you contact us before construction starts so we can tell you how we need to work in with you at the various stages.
Hamilton Plumbers Quotes
Hamilton Plumbers will quote for your job, big or small. Written quotes are available for large projects where commercial construction requires subcontractors to give firm quotes when pricing jobs. Domestic quotes depending on the size and nature of the job may be verbal or written. If there is anything extra requested from the original job request, Hamilton plumbers will price it as an add on, and you will be advised that it will be priced accordingly.
Everyone needs a plumber
At some point, every homeowner will require a plumber. There will be a small problem that needs fixing or you will want to replace or install something that you dont have the tools, the time or the experience to do. City councils are very demanding about enforcing strict guidelines in respect to plumbing and drainage issues, and if work is done without consent, you will be in trouble if found out or you try to sell your property and the purchaser checks up on that nice new bathroom you have installed.
Part of modern living is that we all have running water in our homes for our convenience. One of the things that comes from having all the modern systems and appliances is that things can go wrong with or without our knowledge. Such things as a leaking faucet are easy to notice and repair, however pipes in walls and under floors etc can leak without our knowledge, until they reach a point where a major problem is on your hands. This is expensive and inconvenient.
Many Hamilton homeowners know how to change a washer on a tap or faucet, and how to unblock the kitchen sink themselves if they have the tools. However it is important to realise when it is time to call in your Hamilton Plumber professional. Many plumbing repairs can be time consuming and frustrating for inexperienced people- and very costly if you get it wrong.
Plumbing Repairs Hamilton wide
Be aware that unlicensed repair work is probably not going to be covered by insurance if it causes damage and things turn to custard. Don’t take the risk, the right tools in the hands of a Hamilton plumber professional, will save time and embarrassment, and will be done right, giving you peace of mind and they will be fixed quickly.
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